Effortless Outfits

For Every Day.

Quality garments and handbags made in Manistee, Michigan of 100% cottons made in the USA and imported. Easy care clothing, wash and wear with no ironing needed. Women’s tops, bottoms and dresses as well as unisex shirts, pants and lounge wear created for comfortable every day wear at the office or at home. Handbags hand crafted of recycled denim and deva cloth perfect for any time. Enjoy the ease and comfort of the many products we have to offer. Sometimes the garments are made after the order is received. Your order may take a few weeks to complete. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

To see the garments click on the word MERCHANDISE to the left of the screen and choose which section you wish to view. Lounge wear, Unisex or Women’s

To our friends and neighbors in this area: You are welcome to call in your order and pick it up so that there will be no shipping charges.  email and phone number: [email protected]   (231)723-0553


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