About Us

Located in Manistee Michigan, a town on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, Seams Sew Right began in 2001 as a small contract sewing business, owned and operated by Cammy. The following year we began constructing garments for Deva Lifewear. We have enjoyed working with them since that time. After they decided that they were no longer going to produce the Deva line they offered to sell the patterns to me. They wanted to be sure their loyal customers would still be able to purchase the cotton garments they had come to love so much.

I have named the line Deva by Cammy to make it easier for all of you to still find us. In the beginning we will not have all of the fabrics and colors that Deva Lifewear offered and there will not be a catalog. However, we are willing to make most any style you remember in what we have available. If you don’t see what you want, just call us and we may be able to make it for you. We plan to continue to produce the cotton garments with the same quality of workmanship as in the past, as well as add some new items as time goes on.

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